Commercial window film treatments

Commercial Films

Glare Problems Solved

The right window film installed by Window Tinting NZ, can dramatically reduce annoying glare, creating a more comfortable working environment for your employees.

Reduce Solar Heat

Large expanses of glass in retail spaces & workplaces can lead to dramatic energy-sapping heat. Window Tinting NZ use solar films provided by MEP Films, which improve the performance of existing glazing systems to reduce excessive solar heat gain. All window films used by Window Tinting NZ, also stop 99.9% of damaging UV Rays, saving your valuable furnishings from fading and the damaging effects that these these UV rays cause.

Privacy Window Films

Not only can window films provided by Window Tinting NZ, stop glare and solar heat, but many of these tints can also provide up to 100% privacy from prying eyes.

Commercial Security

Strong clear safety and security films offer a broad range of solar and aesthetic solutions to compliment the demands of any commercial project.

Save on Heating and Air-Conditioning Costs

Air conditioning costs are a major on going expense. Window Tinting NZ’s wide range of available films, means there is a suitable tint to help reduce these costs.

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Residential window tinting and films

Residential Tints

Reduce Fading

Applying window tinting to your windows can considerably prolong the life of your valuable furnishings. All solar films applied by Window Tinting NZ block 99.9% of U V Rays and which window tint used will determine how much heat and light can be stopped. “Fading the Facts” will explain the causes of fading.

Improve Privacy

With more and more houses being built closer together as land dictates, window tinting has become a popular tool to help achieve the privacy that we prefer in our homes. The right window film to gain the desired amount of privacy, varies from window to window. Window Tinting NZ can advise which window film is best for your needs.

Enhance Appearance

Ever wondered why another house the same as yours looks better? Take a look at their windows. Chances are they have had some window tinting done. With so many window films to choose from, there is one for the appearance you would like.

Add Value

Many of the Solar Films that Window Tinting NZ install to residential houses, come with life time warranties, adding value to what is generally our biggest asset,our home. With many residential window films available, Window Tinting NZ will recommend the right film for your specific needs.

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Enerlogic Window Films

EnerLogic Window Films

Better Insulation

EnerLogic Window Films are a revolutionary glass insulation coating, within the window tinting industry, transforming poorly insulated windows into highly energy-efficient windows. When professionally applied, Enerlogic Window Film has an average annual insulation improvement of 92% compared to the same glass without Enerlogic applied.

Match Double Glazing

EnerLogic provides thermal performance up to that of double-glazing, but at a significantly lower cost to glass replacement. No other window film can match EnerLogic’s improved annual energy savings and consumption.

Award Winning Films

Recently awarded the 2012 Australia Business Award for Product Innovation, EnerLogic Window Films is the leader in it’s category be that in the window film and/or glass industry. There is nothing else like EnerLogic Window Films.

Reduce Heat Transfer

One of the most remarkable performance features of these energy efficient window coverings is their ability to reduce heat transfer through windows by 43%. EnerLogic Energy Saving Window Films are almost invisible so sunlight still enters, but harmful UV rays, discomforting heat and glare are substantially reduced.


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